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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Brave New World

Blogger, you lost me. When you froze up, unexpectedly, I was patient. When you went down altogether, taking some of my smartest stuff with you, I hung in there. When I couldn't even access you at all, I remained loyal. Changing the template is near impossible if you don't know HTML, (and where to insert it), still, I sung your praises. But now, this forced move to new blogger was the last straw. I feel compelled to thank you for a year of free service, however. If the good folks over at Wordpress let me down, I'll be sure to blame this girl from Memphis named Lynnster, who put a gun to my head and made me move, so that you will welcome me back.

Note to the both of you that read my blog: go here, then bookmark. Thanks. Wish me luck.